From a holistic view point a cloud never dies! The water molecules circulating: from the cloud, via rain, into the earth or water, to fruits, vegetables or drinking water etc., peeing, river, ocean…new clouds! From a conscious awareness we can say: Enjoy - drink your cloud!
From a wider perspective everything is interacting together; we inter-are as Thich Nhat Hanh talks about.

Stefan Reiter born in 1963 near Bonn-Germany. Was 10 years married to B. D. Reiter, since 1998 divorced, father of an adult daughter Mirjam Prema Shanti (1988) now in Switzerland and her sister Senta Sai Shakti (1993), who all shifted in 2003 to the UK. He gives workshops internationally.

Transformational- and Integrational process based on the consciousness of Inter-Being.
Using the Body Wisdom and the reality, that the Mind creates the world.
Different methods are being use:

- Craniosacral Biodynamics (Body / Mind alignment)
- Systemic Constellation (Collective consciousness issues / Ancestors)
- E.F.T. - Emotional Fast Transformation (Clearing the Emotional state)
- Access Consciousness (Clearing Mental formation / Believe / Perception)
- Mindfulness; Be STILL and SEE & KNOW!

"A flower grows quietly at the fence, laughing with a beautiful smile!"

Everything we are not happy with, we create! We create it through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and through our spoken words.
Based on our Limiting Believes and also our Distractor Implants!

It’s a BEING we have that’s available to us

Start to function from AWARENESS instead of conclusions!

What if you created reality from POSSIBILITY?
Your point of view creates your reality;
reality does not create your point of view!
Everything is just an interesting point of view!



What do you believe you are? Are you your body structure, emotions, believes, thoughts, and/or collective consciousness? WHO I AM?
The true nature is Energy, Space and Consciousness / Awareness!


“My actions are my only true belongings.”